You can access the Grow SMSF online SMSF Setup Form here:

Proof of Identity

As a registered tax agent Grow SMSF needs to ensure you are who you say you are before we can work with you and help you set up an SMSF.

You must provide suitable ID documents before we can set up an SMSF. This also makes it easier when it comes to transferring super to your new SMSF because we can certify your ID for you to give to your existing super fund.

Director ID

When you set up an SMSF with a company trustee, from 5 April 2022 you will need to obtain a Director Identification Number. More information here:

Terms of Service

You must read and agree to the Terms of Service. Grow SMSF is not licensed to provide personal financial advice in regards to whether an SMSF may (or may not) be suitable for you.

You do not need to obtain financial advice or obtain a Statement of Advice from a financial adviser if you've already made the decision to set up an SMSF. If you are unsure whether an SMSF is right for you obtaining personal financial advice should be considered.

Your Details

Enter your contact details regarding your SMSF order. The details you enter will be for the 'Primary' contact for the SMSF and receive key updates and be the main person we communicate with during and after the set-up process.


Although it is not a legal requirement for an SMSF name to be unique, the registration of your SMSF with the ATO will be delayed if the name you choose is identical to existing SMSF names. Search Super Fund Lookup to see if your chosen SMSF name is unique


Enter your residential address and if applicable your postal address (PO Box) if applicable.

Trustee Details

In most cases, we will be setting up a new special purpose company as trustee of your new SMSF. More information can be found in this article: Corporate versus Individual Trustee for SMSF and the table below:

SMSF individual trustees versus company trustee comparison

When setting up an SMSF to invest in cryptocurrency using a company trustee is recommended. A company trustee ensures the crypto wallet addresses and exchange accounts are registered in the name of the SMSF and cannot be confused or mixed with any personal crypto investments.

It is NOT recommended to use an existing company that is a trustee of another trust or that is operating a business.

Member 1 Details

Enter your full name, date of birth, TFN and sex (gender options based on Government application forms).

When using a company trustee you can enter your Director ID and place of birth.

A Director ID is not needed when completing the online form but all SMSF members will need a Director ID. More information.

Occupation is required for setting up a bank account for your SMSF.

ID documents can be uploaded during the application form (preferred) or emailed afterwards. If you complete the application form on a mobile device it should be easy to take a photo of your ID.

Members 2, 3 and 4 Details

If you've selected to have 2 or more members in your SMSF, the relevant fields will display to collect their information as required.

If you are unsure about whether to add your partner/spouse to the SMSF now or later on, it is highly recommended you add them when the SMSF is set up. The reason is that it is more costly and time-consuming to add them later.

Just because someone is a member of an SMSF doesn't require them to transfer their super to the SMSF and they can more easily be removed if necessary.

Bank and Broker Accounts

You will be asked to authorise Grow to provide information to Macquarie in regards to setting up a Macquarie Cash Management Account for the SMSF.

You can select Yes or No. Grow doesn't set up the account for you, however, Macquarie enables us as a third party to make the account set-up process easier for you.

You may be shown similar questions in regards to broker and platform accounts if you clicked an SMSF set-up link from one of our Solutions pages.


The form will show you the applicable fee and give you the option of paying via credit card or EFT/bank transfer.

Payment must be received before we set up your SMSF.


You can enter any notes, questions or comments that we will read before processing your new SMSF order.

Review and Submit

You will have an opportunity to review your details before you submit the form. If you need to change anything, click 'Previous' to navigate to the relevant section.

You must click 'Submit Order' to complete your order (regardless of whether you've selected to pay via credit card or bank/EFT).

Credit Card Payment

You will be taken to our secure payment gateway to pay the set-up fee for your new SMSF.

This setup fee can be repaid from your SMSF to you personally once the SMSF has received a transfer of super or contributions.


If you have questions you can:

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