If your SMSF has (or will have) a company trustee, you must get a Director Identification Number (Director ID).

How to get a Director ID

From 5 April 2022, to set up an SMSF with a company trustee via Grow SMSF you need to have a Director ID. Follow these instructions to get one:

  1. Set up myGovID;

    1. Download the app here: https://www.mygovid.gov.au/set-up

    2. Note: myGovID is different from your myGov account.

  2. Gather your documents;

    1. List of documents to verify your ID here.

  3. Complete your application.

    1. Apply with your myGovID here

Apply for director ID for SMSF trustee

The application should only take a few minutes.

Provide your Director ID number to Grow below or enter it during your SMSF application when setting up a new SMSF.

When you must have a Director ID

When you must get a Director ID will depend on when you became a director of a company:

Date you become a director

Date you must apply for a Director ID

On or after 5 April 2022

BEFORE you become a director

1 November 2021 to 4 April 2022

Within 28 days of becoming a director

Before 31 October 2021

Before 30 November 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have my Director ID. What now?

    • It is only needed when you apply to become a director of a different company in the future. Please keep it safe.

    • You can provide Grow your Director ID here: Update Details > Director ID

  • Do I need a Director ID?

    • Yes. If your SMSF has a trustee company, you need to get a Director ID

  • Really?

    • Yes.

    • Even if you have no plans to become a director of another company apart from your SMSF trustee company, you still need a Director ID.

  • Do all directors of my SMSF trustee company need a Director ID, or just one?

    • All directors MUST obtain their own individual Director ID.

  • What happens if I don't get a Director ID?

    • You may receive a strongly worded letter or email from Australian Business Registry Services.

    • ASIC is enforcing the Director ID requirement and apparently can issue a fine for up to $13,200.

  • Can Grow apply for a Director ID for me?

    • No.

    • You must do it yourself by setting up and using myGovID which will able you to log in and access Government services in the future.

    • myGovID is different to your personal myGov account.

  • I already obtained a Director ID when I set up another (non-SMSF) company, do I need another Director ID for the SMSF?

    • No.

    • It is one Director ID per individual.

  • I should have already got my Director ID but I have not. Will I be fined?

    • Unlikely, but apparently ASIC can issue a fine for up to $13,200 if you don't apply for your Director ID when instructed.

  • Should I just set up my SMSF with individual trustees so I don't need to worry about getting a Director ID?

  • My SMSF has individual trustees. Do I need a Director ID?

    • Not unless you are a director of another company unrelated to the SMSF.

  • Why do I need a Director ID when I only act as director of my SMSF trustee company?

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