Grow requires your SelfWealth Annual statements to enable the accounts and audit of your SMSF to be completed.

Follow these instructions to download the following 2 reports:

  1. Cash Account Report

  2. Annual Report

Download reports via the SelfWealth website.

Cash Account Report

Navigate to Trading Account > Reports > Cash Account

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You need to download both the PDF and CSV files for the SelfWealth Cash Account.

Ensure you download for the appropriate period, for example for the 2022 year you need to download 01/07/2021 to 30/06/2022 or 'Previous financial year'.

Also download both the US reports if you've used SelfWealth's US trading.

Annual Report

Navigate to Trading Account > Reports > Annual Reports

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Download the SelfWealth Annual Statement Australia (and Internation if you used US or HK trading via SelfWealth).

Ensure you download the appropriate year (e.g. 2022).

SelfWealth Annual Reports are normally available for download from mid-July onwards.

Upload 3 x reports to Grow

Securely upload the reports via the Grow website: Upload Documents

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