Provide Grow the following when your SMSF purchases a property (with or without a loan).

Contact & Deposit

  • Signed copy of purchase contract;

  • Receipt from solicitor or real estate agent for deposits paid;

Pre-Settlement Items

  • Tax invoices for building and pest inspections

  • Tax invoice for property insurance paid

  • Receipt or invoice for payment of solicitors’ fees

Ensure all policies and invoices/receipts are in the name of your SMSF.

SMSF Borrowing Items

  • Signed bare trust deed;

  • Copy of loan agreement (borrower/guarantor copy) or financing deed; or

  • Letter of offer from bank/lender for the SMSF loan;

  • Any invoices or letters relating to the lenders valuation fees or legal fees;


  • Settlement statement;

  • Tax invoice for your solicitors’ fees (conveyancing fees);

  • Trust account statement from your solicitor (if not attached to settlement statement);

  • Title search (where provided from a solicitor with settlement statement).

Post Settlement Items

These items to make the ongoing administration and management of your SMSF property investment easier:

  • Request a depreciation schedule to enable your SMSF to claim depreciation (Grow can recommend a provider);

  • Provide your property manager with [email protected] to receive a duplicate copy of property management statements;

  • Set up automatic direct debits from your SMSF bank account for council rates, body corporate/strata fees and insurance premiums;

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