Grow requires your Stake US (Wall St) statements to enable the accounts and audit of your SMSF to be completed.

Follow these instructions to download the following 3 reports:

Jun 30, 202X Statement

Transaction Report - Excel (Detailed Report)

Transaction Report - PDF

June Account Statement

Download via the Stake website or app.

Access via your Profile 👤 > Tax & Documents > Account Statements

Save the PDF and the download the transaction reports 👇

Transaction Reports

Access via your Profile 👤 > Tax & Documents > Transaction Reports

  1. Change the dates to 01/07/202X to 30/06/202X (the financial year);

  2. Select Excel (Detailed report);

  3. Email the report to yourself;

  4. Select PDF report

  5. Email the report to yourself;

Upload 3 x reports to Grow

Securely upload the reports via the Grow website: Upload Documents

  1. Stake_transaction_summary report.pdf

  2. Stake_transaction_summary report.xlsx

  3. Stmt_STKE_001_STXXXXXXX_Jun2022.pdf

We will be notified when the documents are uploaded.

You do not need to separately advise us you've uploaded the documents.

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