Most new SMSFs will use a special purpose trustee company.

There is a small annual review fee paid by an SMSF each year to keep the trustee company registered. This fee changes each 1 July.

You can pre-pay your SMSF trustee company annual review fees to avoid both increased annual indexing and also late payment fees.

ASIC advance payment fees

The following fees are annual and advance payment fees from after 1 July 2022 through to 30 June 2023.

Company Type

Annual Fee

10-Year Pre-payment Fee

SMSF special purpose company



Proprietary company



How to pay ASIC fees upfront (10 years)

  1. Complete the ASIC advance payment remittance form (see below)

  2. Pay ASIC advance payment fee

  3. Send remittance form to ASIC: [email protected]

ASIC Upfront Payment Remittance Form

To ensure ASIC applies the payment you make correctly, you must submit the following form: ASIC Upfront Payment Remittance Form

You can also generate the form here:

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ If you make a payment to ASIC, but don't send them the form, the payment will sit as a credit on your account. It won't be considered a pre-payment.

How to pay ASIC fees

The easiest method of paying your ASIC fees (including the 10-year pre-payment) is via BPAY.

You can find the BPAY details for your company by entering the ACN on the ASIC website:

Every company will have a unique BPAY payment reference number. Payments should be made from your SMSF bank account.

Key information

  • ASIC will still issue annual company statements, however, the amount payable will be $0

  • Any changes that happen over that 10-year period (such as changes of address) still need to be notified to ASIC within 28 days

  • You need to make the decision to pre-pay your ASIC fees before the annual company statement is issued for your company.

  • The annual statement is issued on the anniversary date of your company - and ASIC will need a few weeks to process the prepayment request.

  • Once paid the amount is not refundable.

  • You can find more information on the 10-year prepayment on the ASIC website

If you have any questions about the ASIC prepayment option for your SMSF trustee company, please contact us.

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