This article contains information on the Grow SMSF Pty Ltd (Grow) Referral Program, including relevant Terms and Conditions.

Grow Referral Program Overview

Where an existing client, partner or associate of Grow makes a referral to Grow, and that person then engages the services of Grow, the referrer may receive a referral payment.

All payments are at the discretion of Grow. The eligibility criteria must be met, and the referrer must adhere to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

In addition, a referral may also provide a discount to the person being referred.

Eligibility for Referral Payment

To be eligible for a referral payment, a person must enter a valid Referral Code when completing the following online forms on the Grow website:

  1. SMSF Setup Online Form

  2. SMSF Transfer Form

Grow must receive payment before a Referral Payment can be made.

Payment is made upfront when an SMSF Setup is completed; however, payments relating to SMSF Transfers will typically be received when work is completed.

Referral Payments cannot be paid retrospectively, meaning if you've already referred someone to Grow (thank you!), the referral is not eligible for a payment.

Amount of Referral Payment

Standard Referral Payment amounts are as follows:

  1. SMSF Setup - $100

  2. SMSF Transfer - min $100

All Referral Payments are one-off payments. No ongoing payments are made.

Amount of Discount

Standard discounts when a valid Referral Code is used are as follows:

  1. SMSF Setup - $100

  2. SMSF Transfer - NIL

Referral Codes

Each customer, partner or associate of Grow will be issued a unique Referral Code.

If you have any questions about Referral Codes, please contact us.

Form of Referral Payment

Referral Payments can be received via the following methods:

  1. EFT deposit into your nominated personal bank account (default); or

  2. Applied as a discount to your SMSF annual fees.

When you become eligible for Referral Payment, we will contact you and ask you to confirm your preferred option. The option you select will be automatically applied to any future Referral Payments but can be updated anytime by contacting us.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) have last been updated on 11/05/2022:

  1. You cannot use your own Referral Code to obtain Referral Payments or discounts.

  2. You are not eligible for Referral Payments for any referrals made before the commencement of this referral program (May 2022).

  3. Your Referral Code must be entered by the person you refer on the SMSF Setup or Transfer online forms.

  4. Eligibility for Referral Payments or discounts where a Referral Code has not been entered is entirely at the discretion of Grow.

  5. Grow may modify or terminate the Referral Program at any time.

  6. By participating in the Grow Referral Program and referring customers to Grow, you agree not to engage in any conduct or promotional activity that will disrepute Grow or any related party.

  7. Any referrals generated through illegal advertising, spamming, or other unauthorised promotion will not be eligible for Referral Payments.

  8. You agree to seek the express written approval from Grow for the use of our logo, web content or any other intellection property or resources;

  9. If you elect to use social media or other forms of publicly visible content or promotional activities:

    1. You agree to only engage in advertising, marketing and promotional activities which do not violate any law;

    2. You must not promote Grow on websites that contain illegal or inappropriate images or content;

    3. You must not direct promotional content or activities to individuals who are under 18 years of age or non-residents of Australia;

    4. You must not defame the personal or business reputation of any person;

    5. You must not send unsolicited emails or place banners or links into emails or create unauthorised newsgroup postings, chat rooms or use "bots";

    6. You will have no authority to make any statements or representations on behalf of Grow;

    7. You must not hold yourself as a representative of Grow, nor represent or imply that any communication or advertisement is published or authorised by Grow;

    8. You agree to abide by all No Spam regulations as they apply in any jurisdiction in which you market Grow and employ best practices in all marketing email communications;

    9. You must not bid for any industry related keywords using Grow SMSF via Google AdWords (and other similar advertisements Networks), in order to promote your affiliate link

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