When setting up your SMSF, you may instruct Grow SMSF (Grow) to refer you to Digital Surge to enable a cryptocurrency exchange account to be set up.

Grow has a referral agreement in place with Digital Surge. A commission of 50% will be paid to Grow when you sign up via our sign up page.

Grow will rebate all commissions (less GST) where you are an active client of our SMSF administration services.

How does the rebate work?

You incur trading fees when you use the Digital Surge platform to invest in cryptocurrency for your SMSF.

Digital Surge will pay 50% of these fees to Grow as a commission on a monthly basis.

Grow will pass on the commission received (less GST) to you as a rebate deposited into your SMSF cash account.

For example:

  • SMSF incurs $220 in trading fees with Digital Surge;

  • Grow receives a $110 commission next month;

  • Grow will deposit $100* in your SMSF cash account

*Assuming your SMSF is NOT registered for GST. If your SMSF is registered for GST, the full amount (e.g. $110) will be deposited and the $10 will be remitted to the ATO when your SMSF lodges it's quarterly or annual activity statement.

When is the rebate paid?

Grow will pay the rebate to your SMSF cash account after the commission is received from Digital Surge together with details of which accounts the rebate relates to.

This is expected to occur by the 15th of the month after the trading fees are incurred.

Can the rebate be paid to me personally?

No. You cannot obtain any personal benefit from the activities of your SMSF as this would breach the sole purpose test and lead to potentially significant financial penalties for your SMSF as well as you as a trustee/director.

You cannot use a personal referral code to receive an affiliate payment relating to your SMSF.

I've already signed up to Digital Surge for my SMSF without the Grow referral code. Can the rebate be paid retrospectively?


Although it *may* be possible to apply the Grow referral code to an existing account (please contact us), rebates are not available on trading fees already incurred.

Where can I find additional information?

Please refer to the following:

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