Before setting up your Stake SMSF trading account it's recommended that the primary person who will be operating the trading account register an Individual account with Stake.

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Step-by-step instructions

  1. Have the following information handy:

    1. SMSF name and ABN (as per Super Fund Lookup);

    2. SMSF TFN;

    3. Trustee company name and ACN

    4. Details of all SMSF members (name, address, DOB)

  2. Ensure you've signed up for an individual account with Stake and are logged in to your individual account;

  3. Navigate to your Profile 👤 and scroll to the bottom and click [Add Account] if on the Stake website or go to Profile > Accounts > Add New Account on the Stake mobile app;

  4. Select SMSF (Company);

  5. Enter the following details:

    1. SMSF Name;

    2. SMSF ABN;

    3. SMSF TFN (optional);

    4. Trustee company name;

    5. Trustee company ACN;

  6. Enter SMSF postal and business addresses;

  7. Confirm your role in the company:

    1. Sole Director (if you are the only member of the SMSF); or

    2. Director (if there are other SMSF members);

      1. If there are other members of the SMSF, enter their details as other beneficial owners;

  8. Sign your name by typing and accept the Stake and Airwallex Terms & Conditions.

Key Information

  • It normally takes 1 - 3 business days for new SMSF accounts to be approved;

  • A new HIN will be issued after your SMSF account is approved (you get an email

    from Stake) and you activate Stake AUS (ASX). HINs are only issued during

    business hours, so if you activate your account on a weekend, the HIN will likely not show up in your account details until Monday;

  • You cannot transfer an existing HIN and all attached holdings (the transfer of holding happens later);

  • By default Stake (via their executing broker Finclear) will update the share registries (Computershare, LinkMarket etc) with your SMSF ABN/TFN and bank details;

  • By default, the bank details provided to the share registries for dividends and

    distributions will be the Stake ‘AUD Wallet’ which is an omnibus account provided by Aiwallex. The account has a 013-943 BSB from ANZ, however, the Wallet itself is not a bank account with ANZ and can only be accessed via the Stake platform;

  • For an SMSF to be approved by Airwallex (and therefore Stake) the status of the

    SMSF on Super Fund Lookup needs to either be ‘Complying’ or ‘Registered’. If the

    details are ‘Removed’ or ‘Withheld’ your SMSF account will not be approved;

  • At the time of writing (February 2022) only one ‘primary’ user can log in and trade via the SMSF account, even though it is in the name of two or more trustees, however, it is possible for the same account to be accessed via multiple devices;

  • Once approved, the SMSF account is accessed by ‘switching’ accounts within the

    Stake app or website. You will be required to separately approve and accept the

    T&Cs for the Wall St and ASX trading products to be able to use them;

    If you have any questions or any of these instructions need to be updated, please contact Grow.

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