We cannot assist you with the smsfdataflow ESA unless you are a paying client of Grow SMSF.

The smsfdataflow ESA can only be used for rollovers and employer contributions where SMSF has been set up in the Class software. This is done by the accountant or SMSF administration provider.

smsfdataflow is the default ESA for all SMSF trustees using the services of Grow SMSF.

You cannot use the smsfdataflow ESA independently of Class. There is no separate website or login for smsfdataflow anymore even if you originally registered via the smsfdataflow website.

To track contributions made to your SMSF ask your SMSF provider for access to Class ClientView.

Checklist for using the smsfdataflow ESA

  1. Your accountant/provider must have loaded your SMSF into the Class software and the fund must be active (check with your accountant);

  2. Your employer must have smsfdataflow (in lower case) recorded in their payroll software as well as in their super clearing house if they use one;

  3. Your SMSF must be shown as 'Registered' or 'Complying' on Super Fund Lookup. If your SMSF has been removed due to late lodgement of tax returns, your SMSF cannot receive contributions or rollovers until the returns are lodged and Super Fund Lookup is updated;

  4. If using smsfdataflow to rollover super from a retail or industry super fund, smsfdataflow must be listed with the ATO as well as the correct SMSF bank account details;

Other notes regarding smsfdataflow

  • Certain superannuation clearing houses (for example QuickSuper) will sometimes send an ESA rejection notification email in regards to the smsfdataflow ESA, however, it normally resolves without further intervention with subsequent payments;

  • The smsfdataflow ESA is case sensitive. If the ESA is recorded as 'SMSFDATAFLOW' in capitals in a payroll system or super clearing house it will not work;

  • smsfdataflow is a valid ESA for rollovers from industry and retail super funds (SuperStream V3) however some SMSF trustees have been incorrectly informed it is not valid for rollovers;

  • Some accountants are not up to date with the new process for rolling over super monies to an SMSF via smsfdataflow and SuperStream that came into effect on 1 October 2021.

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